Cosmetic Injectables

State of the art filler gels, collagen stimulating injections and muscle relaxation products are a safe and popular way to correct lines, folds, scars or wrinkles. They can also enhance lips and restore volume to sagging cheeks and jowls. Injectables work by creating a naturally refreshed and healthy appearance in men and women of all ages.
Our internationally-renowned clinicians use the highest quality natural muscle relaxing, dermal filler gel and collagen stimulating injections. The result can be as subtle – or dramatic – as you desire. Reduce existing lines and prevent more from forming with one of Artisan’s individual treatment prescriptions; call 3852 3211 or fill in the contact form below to let us know how we can help you.

Have you noticed any of these changes?

  • Upper Face

    • Forehead and frown lines
    • Eyebrow lift
    • Bunny lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Under eye wrinkles
    • Bags or hollowing under eyes

  • Mid Face

    • Nasolabial folds
    • Volume loss under cheekbones
    • Prominent bony facial structure
    • Deep static wrinkles or folds
    • Sagging, loose skin
    • Hollow temples

  • Lower Face

    • Vertical lip lines
    • Mouth frown
    • Marionette lines
    • Chin and jaw definition – jowls
    • Loose, saggy neck (Nefertiti Lift)
    • Chest/ décolletage lines

We have selected the world’s leading, scientifically proven cosmetic injections to address all of your aging or aesthetic concerns. Browse them below, and click on the treatment that interests you to view our extensive before and after gallery:

Artisan client's before and after photos show reduction in forehead wrinkles or "worry lines"
Artisan male client's before and after photos show reduction in frown lines

Using our extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, our clinicians strategically inject a natural muscle relaxant into muscles – to remove  wrinkles and prevent deep lines from forming. It can also be used to enhance the rise of eyebrows; opening eyes and creating a beautiful arch. Muscle relaxing injections also effectively treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). As with all medical treatments, your overall results will be dependent on your clinician’s expertise. Artisan Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinic is a distinguished Allergan Diamond Partner; a national status recognising our experience and ongoing commitment to industry-leading patient care. Click here to find out why Artisan are industry leaders in muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle injections.

From our early 30’s, facial volume begins to deplete as fat, muscle and supporting substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, decrease. This can create facial hollowing, depressions, sagging, jowls or bony protrusions. Your Artisan clinician can recreate lost volume – or correct asymmetry or tissue deficit – by injecting dermal fillers under the skin. This plumps out deep wrinkles and subtly creates soft, natural facial curves. Dermal filler injections contain a naturally-occuring sugar that is already found in the body. They are safe and easily absorbed by the body over the 10-12 months following treatment. Click here to find out more about our unique 8 Point Approach to replacing volume or enhancing different parts of the face using dermal filler injections.

Artisan client's before and after photos show rejuvenated appearance after having cosmetic filler injectables
Collagen stimulating injections have replenished volume in depleted areas for a refreshed and youthful appearance

Collagen stimulating injections are another way to replace lost facial volume. The skin is injected with a collagen stimulating carbohydrate that triggers the body’s natural responses, causing it to create more collagen and producing ‘fountain of youth’ like results. In our youth, collagen gives our skin its healthy fullness and radiance. During our 30’s, we start to lose more collagen than we produce – creating a deficit that eventually results in sagging, hollowing, lines and wrinkles. Collagen stimulating injections are a safe, effective and natural way to create beautiful, subtle results –  continuing to promote collagen growth for over two years after treatment. Which is right for you: dermal fillers gels or collagen stimulation injections? Click here to find out more.

Do you love your lips? Or does a thin, lined or downturned mouth make you look sad, angry or severe – even when you’re feeling happy? If you have naturally thin lips, mouth frown, smoker’s lines or stress wrinkles around your mouth, our super-soft dermal filler gel injections can smooth lines, correct imbalances in lip anatomy and provide a natural fulness. Artisan is proud to offer the expertise of Dr Linda Williams, who is nicknamed within the international cosmetic medicine community as ‘The Lip Queen’ for her specialised approach to lip enhancement and augmentation. Click here to find out more about lip injections at Artisan Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Clinic in Brisbane.

Artisan client's photos before and after lip filler or lip enhancement shows beautifully plumped lips
Artisan client's photos show a reshaped nose after non-surgical rhinoplasty using Juvederm filler injections

before and after non surgical rhinoplasty

Considering a nose job or chin enhancement surgery? You might be able to avoid going under the knife by having a dermal filler gel strategically injected to correct lumps, bumps and irregularities on your nose; or to build extra structural volume in your chin area.

Subtle changes to the nose have a significant impact on your appearance; your clinician’s expertise is the most important factor in achieving the best outcome. Artisan clinicians have the medical qualifications and extensive experience in state of the art injection techniques required to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.

We reshape noses using a safe dermal filler. The treatment takes 30 minutes in our discreet Brisbane clinic; results are immediate and last up to a year. Do you love your life?

Common Treatment Areas

Different injectables are used for different parts of the face and body, to reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin, replace lost volume and restore the structure of the face. The most common areas of treatment include:

Look in the mirror – and using a second mirror – observe the following areas of your face from side angles. You may notice some of the following changes to the skin, shape and contours of your face: